Anglophone Crisis: Bloody Weekend In Bamenda

It was another tense and bloody weekend in Bamenda, headquarters of the North West region following violent clashes between security forces and separatist fighters.

Residents say gunshots were held in several neighbourhoods in the city on Friday December 14 while it was more intense on Saturday especially around Mankon.

Sources say the Member of Parliament for the Mezam North constituency Honourable Fusi Ndamukong had his vehicle vandalised by what he termed bullets from security forces around Nchobuh in Mankon.

He was driving through the neighbourhood as security forces had been engaged in long battles that various armed groups throughout the day.

The violence forced several bike riders in the locality to flee away leaving their bikes behind only to later find them burnt while several vehicles and businesses around were also vandalised.

It is still very difficult to determine the casualties but several members of Cameroon’s security forces were severely injured while their vehicles were vandalised.