Anglophone Crisis: Hon. Wirba Seeks UK protection from Cameroon Gov’t

19 November,2018

Cameroon’s Member of Parliament (MP) for Jakiri special constituency, Joseph Wirba, has called on the government of the United Kingdom to protect him and the people of Southern Cameroons from the brutal violence of the government of Cameroon.

Wirba who has been on the run since his 2017 vocal stance in the Cameroon national assembly against the injustices faced by Southern Cameroonians, is presently in the United Kingdom.

In Press release dated November 18, signed by Dr. Augustine Mofor, Coordinator of Hon. Wirba Support Team, Wirba exhorts Southern Cameroonians at home and in the diaspora to remain unconditionally united, courageous and maintain the resistance until their dignity as a free, peace-loving people is restored.