Cameroon:CPJ and CHRDA Call For The Immediately Release of Mimi Mefo

09 November,2018

The Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, CHRDA, has condemned the arrest of Cameroonian Journalist Mimi Mefo, and called for her immediate release form the Douala New Bell prison.

According to a statement from CHRDA, freedom of speech and expression remains sacrosanct.

Meanwhile CPJ on Thursday called on Cameroonian authorities to immediately release and drop all charges against Mimi Mefo.

Mefo, who also runs Mimi Mefo Info, her own news website, was arrested and taken to the central New Bell prison in Douala Wednesday November 7.

Mefo was questioned for several hours, charged with “publishing and propagating information that infringes on the territorial integrity of the Republic of Cameroon,” and scheduled to appear before a military tribunal on November 12, according to Richard. Prior to her arrest, Mefo told CPJ that the summons was “no surprise,” as she had received several threats for her reporting on unrest in the western, Anglophone regions of Cameroon.

However, Cameroon’s government spokesman, Issa Tchiroma Bakary said Mimi was arrested for allegedly giving wrong facts on the killing of an American Missionary, Charles Wesco in Bambui, Bamenda of the Northwest Region of Cameroon.

In a press statement issued yesterday, Tchiroma claims that Mimi Mifo disseminated fake news, “likely to harm public authorities” and that the said crime is punishable under section 113 of the Criminal Code. He also claims that Mimi’s reporting amounted to “insult against constituted bodies and civil servants, incitement to revolt against government and institution of the republic”.