Doctors leave Anglophone Regions Amid Unpaid Medical Bills

July 11,2018

Doctors serving in trouble-plauged localities in the Northwest Region of Cameroon are increasingly signing out of duty while hundreds of wounded patients are unable to access health facilities.

Contrary to this, patients who access health facilities are unable to clear their bills due to heightened poverty.
The developments came to the fore as Cameroon frontline opposition party leader John Fru Ndi toured affected localities in Njinikom and Belo Sub Divisions in Boyo Division over the week end.

Mbingo Hospital Belo

At the Saint Martin De Porres Catholic Hospital, the matron Reverend Sister Jetro Nkenglefah said the crisis has dealt a severe blow to the health facility.

“They burnt our hospital van, harassed us and out of five medical doctors we had here, two are Francophones, they are signing out because of insecurity, many medical staff are leaving the hospital. Even patients suffering from gunshots are unable to have access to health facilities here.

When they even struggle and arrive here, after treatment, they are unable to settle their bills because of acute poverty. The drop in the number of patients is enormous. We keep praying for peace to return as a Godly institution. We are here to save lives on both sides” Nkenglefah disclosed.

The Reverend Sister recalled the February 2018 crisis at the health facility with the population and threats that surfaced in May proscribing participation during the national day celebrations.

Within the same visit, Njinikom Mayor Terence Cha Bam said some 80 women were arrested over one week ago. This he said sparked tensions resulting in the burning of properties of individuals.

The mayor said a pregnant woman in Ashing was delivered of a baby under questionable circumstances. Cham said the women were later released and the bay of the pregnant women which had raised concern is in good shape.
Besides the porous health situation, the roads across the said localities were littered with fetish objects. The most striking is that of a bee-laden coffin placed in front of a gendarmerie post in Njinikom.

Fru Ndi’s tour of the affected sub Divisions was part of activities to mark his 77th birthday. He rounded off the tour calling for restrain on both sides in the current Anglophone crisis.