German Engineer Arrested and Jailed in Cameroon

Wilfried Siewe, a 41 year old Cameroonian-born engineer ,a German national from Erlangen was arrested on the 18th  february 2019 while on a visit to cameroon,on charges of being a threat to the state after they found photos and videos of recent legal political demonstrations against the Cameroonian goverment in some European Countries. Some of these photos and the videos were those shared in large number on social netwoks and available to all.

The Cameroonian police accuses Wilfried Siewe to be a dangerous person who has organized political demonstrations against the Cameroonian regime. He was also accused of participating in the riots in the Cameroonian embassy in Berlin which took place on January 26, 2019. However Wilfried was demonstrably in another German City that day.

Wilfried Siewe has so far gone through two military court cases, the last of which led to a six-month pre-trial detention. Hearings which were supposed to be held, were always being postponed and hardly were any further dates communicated.

Because of his alledged participation in a prison riot,he was handed a 3 years sentence.

His case will be called up on 19 september,2019 and his wife Layoko Siewe,knowing the cameroonian justice system, fears if found guilty ,he might never come back .A solidarity march on his behalf is planned for saturday 14 September in Frankfurt Am Main as from 2pm.